So how does this "detangling" thing work?

How do we get started? What if I live in another part of the world? Do we SKYPE? FaceTime? How long is a session? Are there a set number of sessions required? What is the cost per session? How will I know it's "working"? ALL good questions.

More good news! I've kept the process flexible and uncomplicated. It's designed to fit your needs so all of our brainpower will be expended on getting YOU to your HAPPY place.

Simply make contact via email or private, direct message via any of my social media channels. Then we connect, assess your current "mood", intention, situation and/or frustration and take it from there. There is no set "way" we communicate. The goal is for us to construct a communication protocol that works for both of us and lends to honest, productive and results-driven exchanges that get you to your HAPPY place.

Together we set priorities and goals, identify what motivates you to succeed emotionally, physically and spiritually then get to work, confidentially, methodically and systematically detangling and building towards a more HAPPY, fulfilled and present you!

 ~ Lisa Silvera, Pro Detangler & Dynamic Shift Coach