It's so interesting that when we even say the word "boundary", we can get a tangy taste in our mouths.

Why is that?

It has acquired the reputation of a dirty word - but it shouldn't be. Setting boundaries is healthy, brave, a necessity and being/acting in authentic service to OURSELVES. 

Boundaries are not defined and set to accommodate others. Quite the contrary. Boundaries define and reflect our own needs and desires for healthy relationships and help us edit the constant voice of "YES" (when we really truthfully feel more like "HELL NO"!)

Dig deeply. Somewhere in your interpersonal ecosystem there is a situation, a relationship, a circumstance that requires a #BoundaryReset.

Today is the day to set a boundary - or maybe a few.


1. Survey/examine the dynamic or situation.

2. Ask yourself "How do I envision the dynamic to change and ultimately be?"

3. Set an intention to shift the dynamic with #awareness #kindness and #confidence.

4. Take a deep breath, exhale and make the shift. (It doesn't have to be a grand proclamation, a slight meaningful shift gets the job done too!)

5. Stick to your beliefs and your commitment to servicing YOU. (You may experience some pushback, that's OK too. There was a time I did NOT eat brussel sprouts either, I slowly got used to them and fell in love with the taste.)

If you have any thoughts on BOUNDARIES or want to share a recent boundary setting story, Please leave a comment or make contact.

You got this!

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