Ok. Fine. I admit it. I AM A HUGGER.  I get it. Not everyone is and everyone is 1000000% entitled to their personal space, but sometimes I just can't help myself! There are just some really special people among us with unique energy that just cries out for a massive hug.  If we're paying really close attention, I think we can can sense it and the next step is to JUST GO FOR IT!  

Most of the time it goes really well and our warm hugs are met with a little surprise, then a smile and ultimately a great hug. Then there are other instances when the person looks a bit confused, unsure and even reluctant. That's OK too.

This is what I've learned from the art of hugging. As a transformational life-coach and a radical optimist, I have come to understand that people live, thrive and prosper on human contact. Like everything else, If we don't try, we'll never know.

So next time you come in contact with one of those "special" energies, take a chance. We are bigger, better, stronger and so much more powerful as a united, supportive community of humans. Go ahead. Leap. Bring it in and HUG IT OUT!

Image: @FishMakesPhotos on Instagram | Experience: @TheXanaduLife