Hiking In Heals Podcast #8 hosts GET DETANGLED


Hiking In Heals Podcast #8 hosts GET DETANGLED

…Kick off your heels and dive into this special and moving podcast episode with Lisa Silvera, a Radically Optimistic Life Coach - a light seeker, keen listener, wing-woman and an emotional guide (click here for Lisa's Bio). Having harnessed her passion, energy and unrivaled positivity, knowledge and experience, the culmination has resulted in the creation of her life/shift coaching practice coined 'Get Detangled'. Lisa's lifelong affair with LOVE, authenticity, joy, adventure and most of all, striving for HAPPINESS & PURPOSE has landed her in the most extraordinary space…



Ok. Fine. I admit it. I AM A HUGGER.  I get it. Not everyone is and everyone is 1000000% entitled to their personal space, but sometimes I just can't help myself! There are just some really special people among us with unique energy that just cries out for a massive hug.  If we're paying really close attention, I think we can can sense it and the next step is to JUST GO FOR IT!  

Most of the time it goes really well and our warm hugs are met with a little surprise, then a smile and ultimately a great hug. Then there are other instances when the person looks a bit confused, unsure and even reluctant. That's OK too.

This is what I've learned from the art of hugging. As a transformational life-coach and a radical optimist, I have come to understand that people live, thrive and prosper on human contact. Like everything else, If we don't try, we'll never know.

So next time you come in contact with one of those "special" energies, take a chance. We are bigger, better, stronger and so much more powerful as a united, supportive community of humans. Go ahead. Leap. Bring it in and HUG IT OUT!

Image: @FishMakesPhotos on Instagram | Experience: @TheXanaduLife

7 Things That Will Make You Happier By Sundown!

7 Things That Will Make You Happier By Sundown!

  1. MAKE TODAY’S HAPPINESS A CHOICE & A GOAL. We awaken at a fork in the road daily. We have to claim our happiness. Make a conscious choice that you actually WANT to be happy today! 
  2. GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT. Happiness comes in various shapes, sizes and forms. Acknowledge the little things. Kick the judgement to the curb and embrace even the smallest happiness “win”. Only criteria is that it made you smile or feel joyful - for any duration. 
  3. THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW. The past is history and the future is a mystery so why not deal in the NOW! Observe and be AS PRESENT AS POSSIBLE. Catch yourself and really soak in the beauty of anything you can observe or appreciate IN THE MOMENT.
  4. HELLO GORGEOUS!  Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are an extraordinary being, capable of more than you give yourself credit for. Take some time, love on yourself - face to face. It works, I swear.
  5. BUILD A BRIDGE. Yup, that’s right. People intrinsically desire and thrive on human connection. Use your latent, happiness building superpowers to make a human connection. Reach out and be the light for someone. Show them how happy is done. In a rush, then just SMILE at someone and spread some happy.
  6. SKY IS THE LIMIT. Identify a limiting belief and dig out a counter-belief that is positive, laced with confidence and filled with possibilities. The act of chiseling doubt into a limiting belief will move you just that much closer to extinguishing that belief all together.
  7. BEING KIND FEELS SO GOOD. Every day I pick a person (family, friend or stranger) and I make it a point to do something small but special and totally unexpected. The light that comes from their face will light up your heart and further fuel your HAPPY!

So Much Anxiety, So Little Time.

I gotta tell ya, since January 20th, like many of you I've felt the tightening grip of ANXIETY.  It makes sense, there is a heap of unsettling stuff going on right now and every day it seems like it's getting incrementally loopier! 

I'll admit, I have found myself blue, feeling a bit defeated and downright sad. Interestingly, it is not solely the political climate and "happenings" that had me down. It cut deeper than that. I was feeling the burn that separation, divisiveness and mistrust had ignited.  I felt as though I was balling up, frustrated and recoiling; deeming myself untouchable and closed down (my worst nightmare!) So after I got all of the moping, ranting, and aggravation of "suspended disbelief" out of my system, I asked myself  "what now?" and here is what I came up with. I hope it helps you too.

I realized that if I was even going to address and win the internal emotional and spiritual battle I was fighting I would actually have to sort through each of the emotions, honor them then one-by-one and then LET THEM GO.

This is much harder than is sounds because I also realize we all get really cozy with our pain and sadness.  It's like we are sitting on a cluster of rusty nails. They hurt, they are uncomfortable, they burn, they cause other "emotional infections" but we are all pretty content to stay seated on the rusty nail. Why? Because we KNOW those nails. They're OUR nails. We are accustomed to them and we know how to muddle through in spite of the familiar nagging pain. We all deserve better than familiar rusty nails.

Familiarity is not a condition to be trusted! Familiarity can lead us to accept pain, sadness, a less than stellar job, a toxic friendship. Why? Because we know the nature of the beast and we have learned how to cope, survive and co-exist with it.

Here is the simple truth. Life will not just miraculously get better. The nails will not dissolve into nothingness and miraculously life will just get better. Not gonna happen. We have to choose the energy we want to align ourselves with, choose temporary discomfort, choose the unfamiliar to begin to pave a road paved with joy, authentic happiness and inner peace.

We have to shift our perspective, work tirelessly on learning to communicate our anger, fears and dreams openly, kindly and authentically. To give the world access to our hearts, ideas and beliefs. We have to BE out loud to actually begin to LIVE and THRIVE out loud. So I have recommitted to living and living out loud and I am determined to encourage and empower as many people as humanly possible to join me in this. 

Together we  will unearth,  reveal, deconstruct and yes, finally detangle our way back to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled place no matter what the circumstances, the political climate or whatever life pitches us. At the root of all of this and fueling our fire will be the quest for peace of mind, happiness, joy and emotional freedom. Get uncomfortable, you got this. xoLisa